Sunday, October 20, 2013

Homecoming and pumpkin carving

Tech homecoming was so much fun. Until the game started. We started our day by finding our bricks on campus then on to breakfast with champ.

When I first asked o if she wanted to eat with him she flat out said no. I wasn't surprised in the least. She hates champ. Then she told me she'd try to. That was good enough for me so I signed us up! Then Friday night she smiled for a pic with him and my heart leaped for joy!

This was a great event! She got a professional picture with champ, played with some cheerleaders, got her face painted and enjoyed an awesome breakfast. For real. Some of the best grits I've ever had!

Then we had a tech history lesson.

And then visited the bookstore. If o ever tells you this is where champ lives just go with it. I was tired and it was the best I could come up with. :)

And the lodge before the parade.

We met up with friends for the parade.

After a couple hours of tailgating we tortured ourselves with the game. Poor guys. Maybe next year. So we killed time by stalking the homecoming queen. No, I don't know who she is but it doesn't matter! :)

Then we stalked champ. Again. This made 3 pics in 2 days! We have turned a corner!! She LOVES champ now. Loves. Him.

Today we carved pumpkins and are now relaxing while watching movies. O really tried once we scooped out the guts. She didn't like that part. But she was pretty good with the carving tool thingy. I cleaned it up and she loves them!

Happy fall!!

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