Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Chandler David Thurman

He's here! A few weeks early but all is well. Here are the details:

He was due April 15. I started weekly NSTs early March where it was detected I was having contractions. My dr wanted me to quit work then but I talked him into one more week. Matt calls me a non-compliant patient. So that week I continued work while having contractions on and off but only worked half days a few of those days. My next NST was more of the same. The next week, March 24, I went for my third NST and the contractions were 3 min apart and I was 3 cm. Dumb me had eaten breakfast so I went home and packed a bag, checked o out of school and cleaned the house a little with the help of my mom! At 3 I drug Matt out of bed (for REAL) and the three of us headed up to the hospital. I'd discussed having the section that night with my dr earlier at my apt but I kinda thought they'd admit us, monitor and do it Friday morning - Good Friday. Wrong! We got into a room abt 4 and at 5:30 they wheeled me out to the OR. Chandler made his arrival at 6:01 pm. 8 lbs 11 oz; 20.75 inches.

He was large and in charge! Matt just made himself at home and hopped over the curtain for some pics that I promise I wont post here! My dr and all the nurses were awesome! It helped that Matt graduated nursing school with our main nurse and my dr is extremely laid back!

Chandler was holding his levels but was working very hard to do so. So they decided to take him to the NICU. I didn't learn this until in recovery. I was upset! But they assured me he was fine and doing well.

Matt in the NICU with him.

On the way to the NICU.

Everything turned out fine and they brought him to our room abt 11 pm. All of our family members were long gone so we got some precious family time together.

He is just precious and we are in love! Olivia is still getting used to not being an only child. It will come with time. She is a great helper and for now that's enough!

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