Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In the hospital

Having a baby on a holiday weekend is ideal! It was me and I think one other patient on the entire floor. Things were quiet and very relaxed! Because it was a holiday weekend our visitors were few and far between which allowed me to rest and us to get used to the idea of a baby. Lol.

Still very swollen.... I swear those girls that hop out of a hospital after giving birth in their pre-pregnancy jeans make me want to vomit!

O ended up going to Monroe after the section to stay with Jackie and finally made it back to Ruston late Friday afternoon. Once she decided she was ready to hold him all was right in my world. She's still really only interested if it's her idea but she is a great helper when we ask her to do things.

We were prepared to go home on Saturday until they told us he was jaundiced and we may not go home. So we spent Saturday in total limbo not knowing what the plan was. At about 5 pm they announced we were cleared to go home. It was just me and Matt and we scrambled to get him dressed. Too bad I hadn't gotten dressed bc I was sure we were staying another night!

They let me carry him and walk out of the hospital while Matt ran to get the car (where the car seat was just newly installed! I'm telling you - I'd prepared mentally to have a baby but not physically!) we had a few moments at home before o and our moms arrived and life as we knew it was forever changed!

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