Monday, May 4, 2009

busy weekend!

jackie and i had a garage sale this weekend in the 'boro with my dad. we did really well, making over $600!
this is the loot we were trying to get rid of

jackie bright and early in the morning

only dad would check his email at a garage sale
after the sale jackie and i took a trip down memory lane. we first went to our old junior high (a couple of kids burned it down a few weeks ago.) the sixth grade building was unlocked so we took a gander inside...

this is the 6th grade hall - it's funny, as soon as we walked in we remembered where our teacher's rooms were.
and this is the janitor's door - next to mrs. dorsey's science room! this was the only remnant of wjhs we found - since it's now the alternative school. :(
and then on to pearly's snoball stand. we couldn't believe it was closed but at least we got a pic!
then sat night rett and i worked on olivia's room. we got her bed completely ready!

and last but not least... jackie wanted a shout out on her dress she made olivia. she took a sewing class a few weeks ago and they learned how to make pillowcase dresses! here's olivia's first homemade dress from aunt jackie!

that's all for now. rett and i have a date with guitar hero at 9!

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