Wednesday, May 6, 2009

good news at my doc appt today!

got home from my doc appt about 30 min ago and just had to share the good news.....

i'm 1 cm and 50% effaced!

now, i'm fully aware that we could be at this point for a while but i'm hoping for the best. jenny is on her way back from the beach with a bunch of her nurse friends and one is an ob nurse. she said it could be sooner rather than later b/c most 1st timers are 0 and 0 right up until 40 weeks. that gives me hope!

i'm going to try and get everything done this weekend just in case!

i'll leave you with a few pics of mine and rett's date night this past monday. due to the overall soreness i'm experiencing all day, every day; we chose to stay at home and play guitar hero. we haven't played in a while so i was a little rusty. but, i did win a few tunes - rett won most. oh well...

had i paid more attention to the song and not to the camera i may have won more games!rett takes guitar hero seriously!

i had another cute pic of my cute baby daddy but i accidentally deleted it so you'll have to do without.

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