Friday, May 29, 2009

last few days...

we've actually been pretty busy these past 2 or 3 days. yesterday mom and i took olivia on her first shopping trip! we went to the children's shoppe. they were having a pretty good sale and i had a gift card that was begging to be used (thanks robin and holly!) olivia bought a seersucker bubble outfit, a changing pad for her diaper bag, an "O" paci clip and some closet organizers! after that we went and visited aunt jackie's office. i worked there in college and had to show off my daughter to my former bosses! then, we picked up aunt jenny and went out to lincoln parish park for a photo shoot. enjoy the photos below!

the past two nights have been pretty rough. our precious angel has found her lungs and wants to use them at night - between the hours of 2 and 5 am! i'm not gonna lie. it's not fun. it's so not fun that rett called into work today. he just couldn't get out of bed after two nights of this! so, we've spent a lovely day at home with lots of visitors! sarah, rachel, merideth, aunt jenny and emery all came by at some point or another. i do love having visitors! being cooped up and not able to drive gets pretty old sometimes!

i'm sure we've done more but i can't remember...


  1. i really am coming over soon! avie's been sick since LAST tuesday and i refuse to bring germs around your new baby! when she's completely well, i'll come over. she's still very snotty! (by the that blanket!)

  2. of course i'll monogram something for you! i'm taking orders! spread the word!