Thursday, May 21, 2009

first few days at home

here we are. at home. with a baby girl named olivia! things have been going well. she sleeps pretty much all day and night. we have to wake her to eat and change her diaper. but, hey, i'm not complaining! i know that once this jaundice thing leaves her system then we're in for it! rett and i trade up the night feedings and diaper changes. my mom has been here, staying at jackie's at night and coming over here during the day. rett goes back to work on tuesday so things will begin to get a little more crazy around here i'm sure! here are some pics of the past few days!
first visit to dr. khanfar

first try in the swing - she's not too sure of it!daddy feeding his daughter

right after first bath

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  1. She is a DOLL! How adorable is that hair?! I can't wait to come meet her. Congratulations!!!