Tuesday, May 19, 2009

welcome baby olivia!

well... as you can tell from the title of this post - rett and i are now parents! first i'll share the story and then some pics...

last wednesday (may 13) i went for my 38 week appt. i begged my doc to induce me and he wouldn't. so, i left there and even sent an email to friends and family stating that we would not be having a baby any time soon.

thursday night was rett's first softball game (he plays on our church team, the trinity troopers). i decided to go b/c i thought it might be the only game i get to see him play in - assuming miss olivia was to arrive on time. the game was a massacre. trinity lost 15 - 0. but the good news from this night - my water broke! yes, that's correct, my water broke at the game. hey, it could have been worse, i could have been at wal-mart! i was on the phone with a friend and i felt this "gush". i thought to myself that it felt weird but didn't really think my water had broken b/c i wasn't having contractions. i get off the phone and continue to feel this strange sensation, not like i'm peeing on myself but definately some liquid. then i knew. i just knew. the game by now is over and i pick up my purse and tell some of the other wives around that my water had broken and to tell my husband to meet me at the hospital (we had both cars at the game). they looked at me in horror and advised that maybe rett should drive me. ok, as long as we get there! lovely miranda gashel had the pleasure of running to the dugout to tell rett "it was time!" off we go to the hospital. long story short - we check into the ER; get wheeled up to the OB floor; get a room and start making phone calls. by the time i'm in a gown and in bed it's 9PM. about 1AM i was feeling some pain. got a shot of some pain meds. about 3:30 i wanted my epidural. finally got it around 4:30AM. ahh, good again! they started the drip and anitbiotics (b/c once your water breaks you are more suseptable to infection) at 6AM. surely we'd have a baby any time now.... not so lucky. at 4:30PM my doc tells me that we'll need to make a decision in about an hour. well, 5:30 rolls around and what do you know - i'm finally 10 cm! we start pushing. push for an hour. lo and behold, little baby's head is turned funny and she's not coming down any further. decision is made to have a c-section. they roll me down to the OR about 7PM and at 7:28 Olivia Jane Hamby is born! she's just beautiful! the entire ordeal took about 22 hours or so but was so worth it. i'm not gonna lie - the section was tough. she was lodged pretty far down in my pelvis and my doc had to get about elbow deep to get her out. i'm still sore and swollen. over 2 days they must have pumped about 12 bags of fluid in me. i'm not sure i'll ever get it all off! i can't wait for everyone to meet olivia jane hamby!
one proud daddy!
meeting my daughter for the first time!isn't she precious - mohawk and all!wecome home!
one more!

we were discharged from the hospital yesterday (monday) morning and had our first pediatrician appt today in monroe. we're using dr. khanfar at progressive pediatrics in monroe. if you're looking for a doc i highly suggest him. he's so great - kind, understaning, and he didn't balk at any of my dumb questions! rett and i got up early, got ourselves bathed and dressed and then got olivia bathed and dressed. it was a fun family outing to monroe! i have pics but haven't downloaded them yet!

can't wait to see what the future holds for our new family!!!


  1. Matt and I are so happy for you and Rett. Olivia is BEAUTIFUL! Trigger is jealous of her hair!!

  2. She is beautiful!! Congrats to you both!! I can't wait to meet her!!