Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve

we've had quite a busy day! olivia was up from 11:30 pm last night until 4:30 am this morning. finally, at 4 am we took her temp and it was 101.something. sooo, off to the bathroom in the dark to find the tylenol. i went back and forth about what to do and decided to hold off on anything until the sun came up. she was asleep by 4:30 am (thank you tylenol) so rett and i finally got a few hours of shut eye. i woke at 7 am to shower and get ready to head to the 'boro. olivia seemed to be in better spirits so we dressed and got out the door before 10. that's close to a record for us! we got to the 'boro and ate and hung out all day. by the end of the day olivia had had enough. all of the people and presents - whew! she was wiped out. so we loaded up and headed back to ruston. once back we took her temp again and it was still 101.something. i called a friend of ours who is a nurse and her husband is an ER doc. they assured me that this was nothing to be alarmed by unless we noticed a big spike in a short amount of time. so, we're here and alternating tylenol and motrin every 4-6 hours...around.the.clock. merry christmas to us! on a good note - we had a great time today at gg and pop's! thanks for the great gumbo and for olivia's new toys. she loves them! all of the below pics were taken today - olivia's first christmas eve!
now, we're all anxiously awaiting santa claus!!

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