Monday, December 21, 2009

tis the season

omg. where has this month gone? this time of year is just soo busy. last week alone i didn't get home any night until at least 8:30; most were more like 9:30-10. so, needless to say, the blog has been neglected. let me try to catch you up now!

olivia likes to "scoot" backwards and in circles. she can occasionaly get her knees under her but can't quite figure out the whole crawling thing. the other day i heard her crying when i got out of the shower and walked in the living room to find this...
she had scooted under the chair! now, i realize i probably shouldn't leave my child unsupervised while i shower but when your by yourself you do what works. and, it did work, until she got stuck under the chair! ha!

she turned 7 months old last tuesday. she just keeps getting older right before my eyes!
we introduced the sippy cup last week. she LOVED chewing on the spout but didn't figure out the sippy function... oh well. we'll keep trying!
we went to ms this weekend to do christmas with rett's grandmother. i'm a terrible mother and didn't take the first photo of olivia's first christmas experience. shoot me. i'll do better on the actual day. i promise. on the way home we had to stop and feed her. she, again, told me she wanted to drive. so we let her!

we are FINALLY getting into the christmas spirit around here. oh, don't worry, i've been feeling the christmas spirit all over. i just haven't brought that to our house yet, until last night! we FINALLY got our tree up. sad, i know. i even had a fleeting thought that i wouldn't do one this year. but, then i thought that a child's first christmas MUST include a tree. so, up the tree went. i'm not at all happy with it. not enough lights and not nearly enough ornaments (i only put half of my ornaments on it)... i'm swearing to do better next year.

olivia finally met THE big man. i think she liked him. she's actually met him 3 times this year! my mom took her on her 7 month bday. we took her the next day for the "official" photo and then daycare surprised me with a picture of her with santa. he went to the daycare! here's the official photo. the quality is not great. i had to take a picture of the picture. when will santa get with the times and sell you a digital file???

and this picture i took with my camera from outside the "set". the 'ol point and shoot didn't quite get the job done.

we recently inherited a nice canon rebel. soo, i finally went and got a lens for it and now we can start taking real pictures! get ready to see a lot, i'm going to start practicing over christmas.

that should catch you up on everything! have a merry christmas!!!

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