Friday, December 11, 2009

merry christmas!

i just love the holiday season. the highlight of my day (besides seeing my precious olivia) is checking the mail. i LOVE getting christmas cards! our cards went in the mail today so i'm probably spoiling this for some, but oh well! consider this your warning! if you know you're on my christmas card list then do not look at this picture! here's our card this year. i just love it! what do your cards look like this year?this was our first year to do a picture card. i just always felt dumb doing it before we had kids. i figured no one wanted a picture of just me and rett! i think we're pretty and fun to look at though! now that we have olivia i'm looking forward to taking family photos every year for our card.

rett's in arkansas this weekend on a duck hunt with the boys. soooo, olivia and i have a full weekend planned. tomorrow she has to get her 6 month shots. i know, we're late. but, b/c of the rsv i had to put them off. then, on to monroe to see SANTA! i can't wait to see how she reacts to him! tomorrow night we're going to the lady techster game with emery and possibly hudson. sunday i'm hoping to get our christmas tree up. sad, i know. i debated about whether or not to put it up but then decided that it's olivia's first christmas and i'd never forgive myself for not getting her picture in front of it. so, the tree will go up this weekend, come hell or high water.

this is a pretty random post. i'm sorry. i get bored when rett's not here! :) hope everyone has a great weekend!

i'll leave you with a few more shots that are blow-up worthy! all photos by crysal garcia - she's great! mom and/or dad - if you're reading this stop now or you'll ruin your christmas present!

merry christmas!

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