Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new orleans weekend

back november, for my birthday, rett gave me saints tickets! i was soo excited. i've never been to a saints game. well, it's probably the last one i'll ever attend since they lost :( oh well, we had a blast anyway! we left saturday morning, dropped olivia off in the 'boro at gg and pops and headed down. saturday night we just went down to the quarter for dinner and to find me a tshirt to wear to the game. surely, that wouldn't be hard. WRONG! we came to the conclusion that to be officially licensed it had to say "saints". all you could find down in the quarter were "ghetto" shirts. they all said "who dat" or had players names and numbers. so, bummer. no shirt on saturday night. ok, no biggie, we'll just get up early to go find one before the game. sunday morning we got up and went to the "mall" (the place connected to the hilton) for beneigts at cafe du monde (i know, we never go to the original anymore; it's so much quicker just to go to the "mall"!!) after beneigts we went to this sports shop in the "mall" that had TONS of legit saints gear. OMG, how hard is it for stores to order medium tshirts! the only shirt they had in a medium was simple enough, it just had brees and the number 9 on the back. so, i bought it b/c i really didn't have an option. i hope brees is there a while so i can get some use out of this shirt! then, on to the game. it was great! until we lost. after that we headed to maspero's for an early dinner and then to pat o's. we called it early both nights to catch up on some sleep that we both needed badly! you know you're old when you're in bed by 10 pm in new orleans! ha! enjoy the pics from the game!
this last picture has a story. if you've ever been to bourbon street then you've seen this man. he was "posing" in the middle of the road. rett was walking just a tad in front of me. i saw the "statue" and thought to myself "wonder if he'll get rett?" well, he did. and it scared the crap out of rett! it was too funny. after the hoopla rett admited that he thought it was a real statue and was wondering what the bucket in front of it was for! too funny! we gave the man some money and continued on our way. a little way up the road was another "statue". this one was a white girl dressed as an angel. rett goes, "why couldn't the hot white girl get me?" maybe next time!

edit: monday morning as i was getting dressed rett went back to the "mall" to get more beneigts and saw urban meyer in the lobby! he didn't take a picture but oh well. to each his own! if it had been me i'd have walked right up to him and introduced myself before asking for the photo op! he also saw some players but no tim tebow. i hung around in the lobby while rett was checking out to see if i'd see anyone i recognized but no such luck. rett assured me that i probably wouldn't see tim tebow hanging out in the lobby but one can always wish!

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  1. Just happened upon your blog via the Martins. I'm so jealous you got to go to a Saints game! I would have talked to Urban Meyer too :) and it would have been awesome to see tebow!