Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 more firsts!

i was thinking just the other day about how olivia's year of "firsts" will soon come to an end. there wont be another first christmas or first thanksgiving or first trip to the mall... at least for the time being we can still celebrate the small things in life; like "firsts"!!

olivia's first sink bath; tuesday night. i don't think she enjoyed it nearly as much as her "real" baths!
olivia's first time to wear leopard print shoes! :) yes, i know they don't really match but shoes keep her socks on her and so she'll wear them, matching or not! she just started wearing shoes on a daily basis this week so her options are limited until i can find a few more pairs that fit!
olivia's first snow - today! i had her sitting on a trash bag b/c i didn't want her to get wet! is that "trashy"?!?! from what i can tell it's STILL snowing outside!


  1. "Is that trashy?". No! It's hilarious! Loving little O's shoes--whether or not they match her outfit. :)

  2. Jessie,
    Those shoes are terrific! She is too cute for words! I can not believe how much snow the south has received. We only got an inch up here in the past week and only about 18 total this winter! Which is not alot.

  3. I love your header pic! She is so beautiful!