Wednesday, February 24, 2010

check out my new ride

jenny and john got olivia this ride/walk toy for christmas. i've been waiting to drag it out until i thought she was ready for it. so, monday night was the night. i get the box out of her closet thinking i'll just open the box and it will be ready to go. wrong! this thing had to be put together. the directions used words like axel and chasis. who in the heck knows what that is?!?! after about an hour and some stripped screws i got the thing put together. i never could get some of the screws all the way in (probably b/c i stripped them) (that is the right word, huh? when you use the wrong screwdriver head thingy and it "strips" the heads of the screws so that no screwdriver will work on it...) so i hope it doesn't fall apart when olivia is riding it! i'll have to keep a close eye on her for the first few times! as you can see, her feet BARELY touch the floor; really, just her toes and possibly the balls of her feet touch. so, i really just pushed her around for a minute or two. she does like all the "bells and whistles" though!
jackie got her the "interlocking letter mat" for christmas (i don't really know what it's called) so i also put that together this past weekend. well, i put most of it together. if i did it all it wouldn't fit in her room! ever since i put it down she's loved playing in her room! i thew some toys down and she discovered her book shelf and now she's a happy girl! monday afternoon she played by herself for about 15 minutes while i did the dishes and cooked. it was wonderful! during this i found a new use for our monitors that i'd basically quit i use them to make sure she doesn't kill herself while playing by herself. if i heard a crash i knew to go in there! for the record, only one crash happened that day!

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  1. Those look like "big girl" toys...She's growing up so fast!! I feel like she should still be 4 months old!