Sunday, February 21, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

we've had a very uneventful and lazy weekend. just the way i like it!

last weekend i took crystal garcia's photography class. i learned so much! yesterday we had BEAUTIFUL weather so olivia and i headed outside for a little photo shoot. let me say, i am not a professional at this and don't intend to be! also, olivia was on hour 4.5 without a nap so she wasn't as cooperative as i'd hoped she would be! out of about 80 pics these are just some of the FEW i got of her smiling!
this morning we went to church. when i got to the nursery to pick her up the sweet ladies told me they took olivia to sunday school! really, a 9 month old going to sunday school? but, they said she loved it! i wonder what they did??? maybe olivia will tell me all about it once she starts talking! ha!

and for the really big news..... olivia is now pulling up/standing! wow! she just started crawling a couple of weeks ago. this is going by way too fast!


  1. The pictures you took look great & I'm sure she learned a lot in Sunday school! I can't believe she is old enough to start pulling up on things!

  2. Those pictures are sooo good, girl!! Stan's mom offered to sign me up for that class, but it wasn't a good weekend :(...I'm jealous and would have loved to see you! Olivia is too precious and so strong! Beautiful!

  3. She got it from I think they have tons of different styles. It would be so cute for a little girl in white!

  4. What sweet pics!! She is darling! I wanted to get back with you and tell you to maybe lay off the people food until O gets a few more teeth. Some things you could try without having to chew are mashed potatoes and mexican refried beans. We also used a little device I found a Target that allowed me to out fruit in it and they could chew on it without choking(does that make sense?). I would put bananas and such in it and Jake LOVED it!Hope this helps!