Monday, February 8, 2010

dr. visit and 100 post!

olivia had her follow up appt today. her ears and lungs are good to go! that's the good news. the bad news; she has thrush caused from the antibiotic to fight the ear infection. the worst news; she also has the stomach virus. fun fun. it's not been TERRIBLE. i can see where it could be worse. so, we're still laying low for a few more days but then i think we'll be clear of all infections/viruses. we combined this follow up visit with her 9 month appt; she's now 18 pounds and 9 oz. the nurse didn't do her length or head circumfrence; i guess b/c she didn't know we were combining the appts. i'm not devistated about that but would like to know. dr. khanfar said to olivia as we left, "i don't want to see you back until your 12 month visit; i see you too much!" i agree!

to celebrate my 100th post here's a few pics over the past week. just snapshots. nothing to write home to your parents about but fun nonetheless!


  1. Too cute! Get better Miss Olivia!!!!

  2. She is so cute. . . I think she looks sort of like your mom in the last picture!