Monday, February 15, 2010

9 months old!

disclaimer - o had just woken from a nap hence the crazy bed head. i tried the bow to mask the problem but...

these monthly birthdays just sneak up on me! today olivia turned 9 months old! as you can see from the pics; the days of putting a piece of paper beside her is OVER. just not an option anymore. so, from here on out we'll just do pics in her crib and rocker and leave the "birthday sign" off!

olivia is growing so fast! she's crawling; eating great; laughing; talking; playing and loving life! i introduced "biter biscuits" tonight. she loves them. we finally figured out that she'll eat the sweet potato flavored puffs but not any of the fruit flavored ones. so, independant feeding here we come. i want to start introducing table foods but i'm worried b/c she still has NO teeth. so, suggestions are welcome!
thanks for the sweet comments on my bangs. yes, this is a new look for me. i cut them about 3 weeks ago and am still getting used to them. it's strange; i haven't had bangs since possibly junior high. maybe high school. i can't remember. regardless, it's been 10 - 15 years! so, having something in my face all day every day takes a little getting used to! it's my new look for my new life!
up next; olivia's first valentine's day!


  1. thanks for coming yesterday! My kids LOVED bitter biscuits but they were MESSY!!! Olivia is precious and LG had a great time playing with her:)

  2. She is so cute!!! I love all that hair. I wish she would give some to Emory. P.S. We have started feeding Emory table food. We fed her sphagetti the other night with meat and all and she loved it. She has had pancakes and mashed potatoes. She eats the real stuff very well...oh and she doesn't have any teeth either. hahah......maybe one day. Brittany Napper