Monday, May 31, 2010

misc and water baby!

what a fun long weekend! saturday we went to a baby shower and then to a late lunch at sundown. mmm. hands down that's one of my favorite places for a lazy lunch on a saturday. then gg came for a quick visit. i have no pictures to prove any of that really happened. sunday was low key; missed church again b/c her nap fell right as i was walking out the door and she started pitching a fit. i've got to come up with a way to work church into her sunday morning routine!

she really picked up her walking this weekend. she's up to 10-15 steps at a time. not every time but i witnessed it more than once this weekend. she's refusing all foods except fruit, turkey, yogurt, puffs, yogurt melts, apple sauce and goldfish. she wouldn't eat mac & cheese or a grilled cheese this weekend! hello! i really don't know what's going on with that. i cut the bottles out cold turkey this weekend. it's not been bad at all. she doesn't miss them at all. however, she's not taking nearly enough milk. so, to supplement i'm giving yogurt at least once a day; sometimes twice. i'm also pushing cheese (plain, uncooked since she won't eat it hot apparently!) and any other dairy item i happen to find in my fridge. i talked to some people "in the know" about these issues and they all assure me she'll be fine.

random: i ordered "olivia's first year" of my blog this weekend! i'm super excited. i had my blog printed to a book starting with my post about her birth and ending with my post about her 1 year checkup. so, this blog really is her baby book! for $60 i couldn't have bought a book, supplies and paid someone to do it for me! well worth it, i hope!
it's official. she's my child. she loves the water and i couldn't be more thrilled. there is nothing in the world i love more than summertime by the pool, ocean or waterhose! really, now i lay out more than swim but when i was growing up i was swimming ALL THE TIME! for memorial day we headed to monroe for a fun day of swimming! olivia did great and stayed in the water for a full 3 hours. she even did great outside of her float with us carrying her around the water. didn't seem to be to afraid of the water! for the fourth hour she was "running" around the pool having a grand time! picture overload.

and this is when i knew it was time to go. :)

considering out long this post is you'd think we did a lot more!


  1. Looks like she had fun swimming! Love the last picture!

  2. cute! Where did you order the blog book?

  3. I just want to eat up her little legs and cheeks!!