Saturday, July 3, 2010

lazy days of summer...

we've not been doing to much here lately. we did have a few "cooler" days this past week so we played outside a good bit. i wish i had some good action shots of her in her cozy coupe. she loves it! when i push her she just smiles and laughs! but, since i'm pushing the thing i can't very well take pics at the same time so that will have to wait until i have some help! i took olivia to shreveport yesterday for a girl's day! we had lunch with lindsey and then shopped til we dropped! i'm enjoying this long weekend!
as you can see in the above pic - this weekend i moved olivia up to the next size bow. it may be a smidge big now but a true "bow head" knows no limits on size!
olivia has a new "trick"... while in the bathtub she will look at me, smile, and then "flip" over to her tummy face down the in the water! i scared me to death the first time she did it but then i quickly realized it was a game! normally at the end of her bath i'll say something along the lines of "stand up" (so i can pick her up out of the tub) and she used to do it. now, she flops over on her stomach and "swims" until all the water drains and then she just plays in the empty tub. she obviously doesn't want to get out! all of this could explain her behavior in the pool last weekend. she would "dive" out of my arms into the water! i had to be really careful when she wasn't in her floatie! i'm so glad she loves the water. here is a cute bathtub pic. notice no water. she loves the empty tub!

her pot belly is good for one thing (besides being totally cute!) - no editing of bathtub pics required!


  1. O looks just like Jenny in the picture of her swinging!! I'll push the coupe and you can take pictures because my picture taking skill are less than stellar!!

  2. Hahaha! I love how you don't have to edit the bathtub pics!! We don't either!

  3. Oh hun, we've got the pot belly going on, too! Love it!

  4. Hahaha, your pot belly comment cracked me up... mostly because I was thinking the same thing as I looked at the picture!