Sunday, September 5, 2010

weekend wrap-up

i've been going non-stop this weekend but it was a blast! here's a post with few words and lots of pics!
it's no secret i was a kd at tech. my fondest college memories involve either the chapter or the friends i made through joining. i HIGHLY recommend going through rush when entering college. and not just to meet people but to meet your lifelong friends! saturday morning was "mock rush". enjoy the pics!
we headed straight from mock rush to shreveport for the tech/grambling game. i understand the point of this game; however, it was not a draw for me. i was not excited about this game. i was most excited to see the grambling band in person b/c i've never seen them live - only on tv. i was even disappointed in that! i guess they don't consider us on the same level as southern b/c they definately toned it down. they hardly danced! and, the game, let's just say that it appears it's going to be a long season... on a positive - we had a great time tailgating for several hours before the game!
here come the dawgs! (i missed it by a letter.)
gsu's drum majors kicking off the halftime show - this was as good as it got as far as their dancing...
who knew they actually marched?

and then this morning we got up and headed to winnsboro for a playdate with david scott and his family! we went to my parents first for lunch and then headed over to the anders'. i only took one pic of the playdate and it involves two girls in bikinis so i have to have their permission before i post it!

oh my word she got a kick out of doing this!


  1. I guess that would be Rachel and me the pic and I'll check it out. I don't recall posing for any pics, so I'm thinking this was a candid shot.

  2. AND, we enjoyed your visit! Although the babies didn't get to play together too much, we'll have to do it again soon.