Sunday, August 30, 2009

mock rush

yesterday was mock rush at the kd house. of course i took olivia! it was her first trip to the lodge but definately not her last! each year the chapter invites alums back to see the rush slideshows and skit. kd does the wizard of oz. it's wonderful! at the end of the skit the characters invite all the children there to come up and get a teddy bear that was made the prior year on philanthropy day. olivia got her first one! there was an 8 year old there that's never missed a year; so she has 8 bears now.... i'm hoping to start a little collection!

please excuse my expression - the sun was beating in my eyes and it was HOT outside!

the cast of oz with a few of the kids there

scarecrow and olivia

i want nothing more right now than to put a bow in my daughter's hair. it's just not working out for us... this was rett's first attempt at a bow - i'm calling it the mo-bow (instead of mohawk!)

friday night rett and i went on a date to celebrate his bday. we went to the bistro here in town. it was our first time and we will go back! soooo good! we had drinks, ahi tartare & 3 sushi rolls - spicy lady (tuna); spicy sake (salmon) & the ruston maki (shrimp - it was ok but we won't get it again - we prefer the spicy raw ones!) except for the ruston roll, everything was spot on! i can't believe it took us this long to go there.

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