Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm behind on blogging. Let's just jump right in. I was in new orleans for 3 days last week for work. We had to go on a bus tour of the city which I was dreading but ended up enjoying it. Otherwise things were pretty tame. :)
before I left wed morning I took o to breakfast. She chose the chocolate donut with sprinkles!

I do love NOLA.

Got back Friday and then sat was a tech home game.

Today was Trinity's fall festival. Olivia jumped, went on a hay ride, painted a pumpkin, ate an entire bag of popcorn and rode in a hot air balloon! She still won't ride a pony or horse but maybe one day.

Can't wait for Halloween tmrw! I made witch hat cookies for her class party. I'm not sending her in her costume bc I don't want it to get dirty before trick-or-treating! But she has a cute shirt to wear!

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