Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Tuesday

It really was random. O had a field trip to a local nursing home. I don't think it went that well.

If this picture is any indication....

Then GG picked her up for their usual Tuesday afternoon together. This day they made hot chocolate mix for all of the teacher/special people in her life gifts. I love that she actually got a hand in this. She "made" this pretty much by herself and is genuinely excited to give it away!

I had plans for dinner with some friends so I had miss Alecia come and get o and take her to Christmas on the Lane. From all accounts she had a blast! Each sorority had a different craft and she got to see all the "big girls". When I tell her we're going to the lodge she asks if Brooke and Shelby will be there! We have been blessed with some great babysitters over the years! When I got home she had to show me her crafts. She was most pumped up about the reindeer food. Whichever house did that....good job!

Our party of 8ish dwindled to 3 by the time dinner rolled around but we didn't care!

It was a BUSY day but we all had fun!

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