Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sickly and 2012 Ornament

Man, my blog titles are pathetic. Last Monday we learned that 2 kids in o's class had the flu. On Tuesday it was 4. We were holding out hope it would miss us. I got the call on Wednesday abt 2:30. She had almost 102 fever. We went straight to the dr for the flu test. And it was negative! But jenny said since she'd only been sick for abt 2 hours it was really too early to know. So we started tamiflu. Thursday morning she was PITIFUL. After being awake for less than 40 min she was back asleep.

Her fever was only abt 99 that day but you could tell she didn't feel good. She did perk up a little Thursday afternoon though and by Friday morning she was good to go.

So. She either had the flu but a very mild case (I say this bc one of the kids in her class that tested positive for it was only down for the count for about 2 days according to his mom.) or, it was just some bug that moved on quickly.

This weekend I made time to make our official 2012 ornament. This started in 2010 as I was decorating the tree. In 2009 a co-worker had given me an ornament with o's picture in it. So when I hung that ornament I thought I needed one for that year too. And then last year I decided I'd make one every year. And I'm SOOO glad I'm doing it! I LOVE seeing her grow every year when we decorate the tree!

All ornaments thus far...

I think 2011 is my all time fav so far. When the lights are on they shine through the glass ball and it's so pretty. I do look forward to making these each year and it will be more fun when I start letting o help me!

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  1. Poor baby. =( Glad she's feeling better. The ornaments are so, so sweet.