Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Polar Express!

This was SO fun and I'm so glad we did it! The Wilkerson's, Cramer's and Willeford's joined us in Palestine, TX, for a trip that I hope our kids remember forever! We left about 9:45 yesterday morning and after stopping for a photo op on the side of the road and lunch in Carthage, arrived in Palestine shortly before 2.

This was O when we arrived.

So I left O and Matt in the car asleep while I hit up a few of the shops nearby. O woke up about 2:30 and we headed to Santa's village.

After Santa's village and visiting an ice cream shop we headed to dinner. Dinner for 15 in under an hour... Success!

And then to the Polar Express! O was so excited! We changed her into her pj's and got ready to bored. These kids's excitement could not be contained!

This is how most of my pics turned out... Couldn't keep them still!

After boarding the train O was fading fast. But she persevered and stayed awake for the whole thing. The "chefs" we're so great. We listened to the polar express story on the way to the north pole and drank hot chocolate and ate cookies.

The conductor came by and stamped O's ticket.

And then we arrived at the North Pole! We were sitting on the wrong side of the train so the very nice lady across from us just picked O up and let her join her and her granddaughter.

Santa and his elves boarded the train from here and we sang Christmas songs and danced all the way back to the depot.

Santa passing out the magic bells.

Once it was over O caught her second wind. She and Drew ran around for a minute and watched the next group board the train.

And then it was time to head home.

We left there at 8:30 just knowing she would be asleep by the time we got back to the main road. Wrong! We were rolling into Shreveport about 10:30 when O finally went to sleep. We were home by 11:45 and she never budged when I put her in bed. We had the best day! I'm so very thankful to have the best of friends and some "built in" best friends for O.

But let me say.... I may have reconsidered having 3 kids now. I may just want one more! LOL!!

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