Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dance observation

Well. I'm a happy mama. I think I said on her first day of dance that I'd looked forward to that day for 3 years. I lied. I've been looking forward to observation day. It was really silly how fired up I was about this. But I KNOW I wasn't alone! I know several other mamas that were just as geeked up! Our girls were PRECIOUS!! I just hope and pray that o, drew, Emory, Alli and bryleigh grace will grow up to be the best of friends because they sure are cute together now!

She was very reserved the first half of class and didn't really do much ballet. But then she got with the program for tap. I don't know if she was being shy with all the parents there or if she just prefers tap to ballet. But either way I don't care! She's always so excited to go to class and I know she enjoys it! I absolutely cannot wait until recital. I'll probably cry....

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