Monday, December 3, 2012

Family filled weekend

Matt's grandmother passed away last week so we spent the weekend in Monroe with his family. Friday night o and I went over after work and had dinner and hung out. O loves her some david grey. And she attempted to like baby Jacob but I'm not sure she just loves him yet!

To get the photo above before we left I had to bribe her with an icee. I'm ok with bribery.

Shelby came and stayed with o sat morning while I went to the funeral and after lunch Matt and I came to Ruston to pick her up and headed back to Monroe. I say all this bc o had one heck of a time with shelby. I must have heard no less than 6 times now that they met paige, murphy and davis at the park and then went to johnnys. A babysitter after her heart; park time and johnnys!

Sunday night was o's big Christmas performance at church.

The Hanging of the Greens is one of my favorite services throughout the year. Her class sang away in a manger and one other song that escapes my memory right now. Sleep baby Jesus, maybe? (this is why I obsessively blog. Bc I forget everything!)

Matt, gg, pops, jackie and missy all came to watch and this girl performed! She actually sang! We were all in shock and thrilled. So gg and pops went to dinner with us afterwards to celebrate.

So we had a lot of family time togetherness this weekend.

Today brought another almost 80 degree day. In December. Pitiful. Where are you winter???

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