Monday, March 26, 2012

And the rest of the story.

Olivia had the best weekend ever! Her little body is slap worn out as evidenced by the tantrum this morning but it was so worth it! Saturday she woke up to a huge surprise in her backyard.

She LOVES her trampoline!

Saturday afternoon was our church egg hunt. It was all fun and games until the Easter bunny showed up. She screamed to go home so we left.

Then we went to Monroe to spend the evening with Jackie and Brock. If they would let o live with them she'd move in a minute. We stayed later than I'd planned and o was filthy so I bathed her there. But I didn't have any pj's. Super tiny Jackie to the rescue - xs running shirt works just fine! O talked about wearing Jackie's shirt the whole way home.

Sunday brought a new level of excitement. I'd asked some friends for a play date and Dewanna offered her parents house. It was amazing. We dyed Easter eggs, watched an airplane take off in their backyard, had an egg hunt, rode on a golf cart, swang, ran, jumped, and even played dress up! I've never seen her so happy and to watch her play and carry on conversations with her friends was so much fun for me. 3 1/2 hours later I carried a very tired little girl home.

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