Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patty's day 2012

So many pics. So little time. We ventured to Memphis for st patty's day / heath's birthday. And a grand time was had by all! I've never really celebrated this holiday other than wearing my customary green. Let me say that it is a fab holiday and I plan to celebrate it from here on out. We rolled into Memphis about 10:30 or so Friday night and headed to the flying saucer. There we took a tour of Germany. Heath and meg toured Amsterdam I think.

Then on to silky o's bc meg and I do love a piano bar. We called it a night after that as it was WAY past my bedtime. Saturday started with a BBQ lunch. I love dry ribs and these did not disappoint.

Then the general killing of time until the parade on Beale street.

The boy is Pearl jams biggest fan.

My dream guitar at the Gibson factory. If only I knew how to play.

Parade time.

The parade was a blast.

Then on to the Peabody to watch the ducks. We got there right at 5. Note to self. Get there early if u want to see.

Some cigar shopping.

We incorporated a history lesson into our trip. This is an original piece of the blarney wall from Ireland.

We ended saturday with dinner at Texas de Brazil. I'd never been to one. It was delish!!

What a great trip! But I was happy to get home to see my girl!!

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  1. I love Memphis! We went there on my Bachelorette trip! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

  2. Dry ribs = fav
    Pearl Jam = love

    Looks like a fun trip.

  3. Ya'll take the best pictures! Glad ya'll had fun! See you there in a few weeks. Yay!!