Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy busy fun fun

I like to be busy. But not too busy. I still like my quiet nights at home too. That's my random thought for the day. Anyway, yesterday o had an appt with another dermatologist bc I didn't like what the other one told me last summer. Well, this one agreed abt her mole so I'm accepting that it won't be cut off. And I'm ok with it. When she's old enough to make that decision for herself we'll let her. Long story short o didn't go down for her nap until AFTER her appt at 4:30. This was NOT my plan! I had to wake her up at 5:40 so we could go to kindermusik. The first few minutes were tough but she finally came around and cheered up!

Would u look at these long legs. My baby has some length on her!

Today marked a milestone. I finally refinanced my house into my name! I own this sucker outright now! In the 7 years I've lived here my house has grown by 64 square feet. I bet you didn't know houses could grow! :)

To celebrate the boy took me to cotton in Monroe. It was so good! We had a rough past week or so with each other; we were both tired and cranky and just couldn't find our groove. We recognized it and fixed it! This to say that regardless of what I post on here I don't live in rose colored glasses! He works nights and I parent a rowdy 2 year old and sometimes it just catches up to us. Anyway, tonight was kind of our "I'm over it" night. We're no longer tired and cranky and we like each other again. :) the sea bass may or may not have had something to do with that! Ha!!

And he knows the way to my heart is with candy. He brought me a big bag of m&m's as a closing present!

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  1. Look at your dating your man during the day!