Saturday, April 14, 2012

Date night

We had dinner plans last night but nothing else planned. A patient had given the boy a Copeland's gift card so I told him I could help him use it! Ha! I mean who doesn't love that fried bow tie pasta?!? He HATES pictures and only obliges my request every so often so there are no pics from dinner. But hey. If my picture taking obsession is the only thing that bothers him I can live with that! After dinner I suggested a trip to target or the mall. He suggested an electronics store. Neither of us needed anything; we were just bored. So we compromised on put put golf! What a fun little spontaneous date!

Earlier this week I went to brew haha at the Dixie with a group of friends. While not nearly as funny as last year I did enjoy myself.

And bc she's the one you come here to see. We love playing I the backyard with this wonderful weather we've been having!!

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  1. I love the putt putt date! I'll have date your man up first thing in the morning!