Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday parties and Spring game 2012

After put put golf one would think the weekend couldn't get much better. Wrong! Saturday started with 2 birthday parties. Brett Bell turned 3 and Amelia Costanza turned 2! O loves her some Brett bell. Sadly he's been moved up to the next class now. His party was at Trinity. O always has fun at those parties bc she's familiar with the area/toys.

Jumping with Brett and Brice Canterbury.

And the sole reason I think she goes to parties! Ha!

We stayed there for 45 min and then headed to Amelia's party at her house. Val had the right idea. Throw the kids in the backyard and set up some lawn chairs on the deck! My how I wish I had some shade in my backyard so I could do the same!!

From there we went to the spring game tailgate. Jackie, Brock and Matt met us there. O demolished a hotdog and then her dad picked her up.

We proceeded on to the game.

This is where the photos end. Me, the boy and missy went for crawfish after the game at ponchatoulas, then we walked to sundown, then to portico for dinner and then (and I kid you not) back to sundown to end the night. It was a long day! But it was fun!

Sunday afternoon we played outside for a little bit. She's such a diva! And is outgrowing her sandbox!

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