Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Check-up 2012

Today we went for o's annual cardiologist appt. but first we had some girl time at lunch. Sushi!

O was not thrilled abt going to the dr. I tried to prepare her but in her little mind all drs give shots. No echo done today; going to wait until next year when hopefully she's a little more cooperative. Apparently after 2-3 echos (I can't remember how many we've done) dr king still hasn't been able to see two certain arteries. He needs to see those just to make sure they are ok. We discussed her lung issues and the fact that I noticed a few weeks back that she tires more quickly than her friends and appears to be out of breath before other kids her age. Not a huge deal but when she does start playing organized sports we may go back to the pulminologist to figure out a remedy. Could be as simple as an asthma type treatment before activity to help open up the lung. We were given a copy of her EKG from today and told to keep it. If she ever ends up in an ER they will need that as her baseline bc it's not a normal heart EKG. Of course this is a worst case scenario and most likely isn't an issue. But better to be safe than sorry! It was also confirmed that even though Olivia will not have a full biological sibling, if I ever have other children I'll have a fetal echo bc the odds of another child with heart defects is higher since i have one child with a defect. I think he said its about a 12% chance.

Reading to us while waiting. I LOVE to listen to her read. She starts ALL books with "once upon a time".

She also loves this frog that lives in the hallway at dr king's office.

For her post appt treat we got yogurt. Whether she deserved it or not is questionable but mama deserved it!

So she's still perfectly healthy. Nothing crazy. We just love dr king and cannot say enough good things about him.

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  1. Hooray for a healthy appointment!

  2. Glad to hear the appointment went well. I'm sure this can be real stressful for you!