Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sharing, shoes and scavaging

Tuesday morning o wanted cookies for breakfast. I do sometimes draw the line. So we compromised and I let her take them to school to share at snack time. She was thrilled to do this. Made me happy that she is so giving with her favorite foods. She told me what color all of her friends were going to get!

She's on a shoe kick. Poor thing has the wrong mama for this. I am NOT a shoe person! A friend gave us several pairs of hand-me-down shoes. They are all too big right now. That doesn't stop her from playing in them! The Barbie boots and sparkly slip-ons are her fav! She puts them on and asks me to take her picture!

Last night I gave her a little debbie snack cake for dessert. She ate half and threw it away. A little while later she asked for her cake back. It was almost time for bed and it was in the trash so i told her no. About 10 min later she walked into the living room clearly eating cake. I asked her where she got it. She very shyly told me the trash can! OMG. I couldn't even get on to her bc I was laughing so hard. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures!

And random for documentation. They planted plants at school this week. I'm thrilled she's learning and doing so much.

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  1. My favorite are the barbie boots! That trash eating story is hilarious. Poor girl wanted her Little Debbie cake!