Tuesday, July 3, 2012

O's fun sunday

Jenny called Sunday and asked if she and John could take o swimming. I agreed bc I needed to run to Monroe and when it's 100 degrees I'd rather not rangle a 3 year old while I run errands! They came and picked her up and headed out. When I got back to town I turned onto their road and I saw john's bronco weaving down the street. I knew immediately who was driving. I honked and Jenny turned around and we both just died out laughing. Busted!! She said that she had just told John that if I knew what was going on I'd kill them! Lol!!

Here u can see that only o's hands are on the wheel and she's not looking at the road!! :)

Glad the cop that lives on their road didn't see them!

This thing doesn't have seat belts!!

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