Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 beach trip #1

What a blast! This was my adult trip this year. So much fun. The last time I spent a really extended amount of time with my sisters I think was Hawaii when Jenny and John got married so I'd say we were a few years past due a trip. Good thing John and Brock are friends and the boy fits in well with them. :)

4 glorious days of nothing but me and the sun and some really good books! And a BIL that should have been a bartender. :)

I'm going against all I know to be right in this world and posting pics of me in a swimsuit.

And this is what I was laying next to!!

Before dinner at the steamer! My FAV place.

Dinner at Cosmo's

Before dinner on our last night.

Poor Matt sunburned pretty bad on the first day so he spent the rest of the trip under the umbrella!

Our whole group. Had a great time!

Now to prepare to take o back in about 2 weeks!!

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  1. Um. I need that red swimsuit! Where did you get it? Looks like a fun trip except for the poor Boy's sunburn...