Sunday, November 4, 2012

O's trip to gg and pops' house

O has been begging for several weeks to go home with gg. This weekend sounded as good as any. Mom picked her up from school friday and headed to Winnsboro for a much needed haircut. On Saturday they went on a picnic at the park. O LOVES picnics. She told me all about the blanket and basket on the phone! And today mom let her put out the nativity scene. She adores the baby Jesus and has for a good year now.

Oh! And they also made a cake!

Matt and I met mom at target today to pick her up. We shopped for what she wants Santa to bring her. It was so much fun! She picked out a Cinderella cell phone, a belle doll and these princess slippers.

I was glad to get her in the car headed home! Missed my baby!!

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