Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog worthy

Today o wrote her name all by herself for the first time. Proud mama right here. Thank you Brooksie for documenting these milestones for me!

And while I'm here, here are some pics from the past week.

We went to the lady techster game Monday night.

Mom took o to the library and bead town exhibit on Tuesday.

Look at that concentration! :)

I guess it's ok to take your shoes off at the library now???

And the really big news... Back before Halloween I told o that for every night she slept all night in her own bed she'd get a sticker. Once she earned 5 stickers I'd take her to the store to pick out a prize. She finally earned her 5th sticker tuesday morning. So off to the dollar tree after work. She finally settled on a snowman snow globe. It's soooo pretty!

And she was mad at me this morning but I wanted to document that she took her snow globe to school today! She couldn't wait to show mrs. Brooksie!

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