Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend fun

Kinda started Thursday bc the boy was available for a lunch date. This is about our 3rd weekday lunch date in 1 1/2 years. And he brought me my birthday present early! In spiderman wrapping paper! With a Christmas card instead of a bday card. I'm one very lucky girl.

But loving my new boots!

Friday night after work o and I headed to Monroe to hang out with his family since his sister and her kids were in town. It was a good night!

We woke up bright and early this am for the last home game of the season. We had a blast tailgating all day and the joe had its third largest crowd ever. Unfortunately that's not enough to make up for a terrible defense. Doesn't matter how many points the offense scores if the defense allows the other team to score more. So frustrating! But this is still the best team in tech history in my book. Now 9-2 with a chance of going 10-2 and to a good bowl game. Things are looking good for tech! Photo overload. I know.

A trip to backus before the game and OMG! the deer and turkeys! O wanted a photo so bad!

If you hear my child ask for "brock obama" or if it's "drink time" please be sure to thank her uncles. I just know she's going to go to school (at a baptist church) and ask if it's drink time yet. Lord, forgive them please!

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