Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had the official celebration last Sunday on my birthday but o and I still went to w'boro to eat with mom and dad. Well, o was already there. I just showed up! We had breakfast with jenny and john and then we napped while mom cooked (thanks mom!) and then an early traditional meal.

Parade time!

Being silly.

She was suppose to be spreading cool whip on the pie....

I had said I wasn't going to black Friday shop. But then I saw the target sale paper and changed my mind. I have always been against DVD players in the car. I think that's perfect time for talking to your kids. But my girl can TALK and on long trips I need a reprieve! Target had the DVD player I wanted for $60. It had been $130! So jenny and I picked up jackie and off we went. We got in bed abt 1:30 am and then got up about 7:30 for round 2. I just about finished everything for o and got a few things for myself including new bedding. Had been $250. I got it at Dillard's for $63! I'm telling you. Black Friday shopping really does save you money!

I sent this pic to o's teacher to see if this dog was too big for o's new nap mat! I think Emmanuel might tell me to try again! LOL!

And then I finally finished my tree and decorations last night. All that's left is o's tree which she'll help me do when she comes home from her daddy's.

It's been a great weekend and I still have 2 whole days left!

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