Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dragon boat races

This was so fun and I'm so glad we went! Dad's bank entered for the first time (it's only the 2nd year of races) and he was the drummer so we supported. They were the bayou bankeneers and they did awesome! They made it to the finals but most importantly they won the bankers cup which comes with all sorts of bragging rights.

Dad's bank had a tent with food/drinks on the bayou desaird side so we spent lunch and the afternoon races there. In the shade. IT. WAS. HOT. out there.

O thought it was hilarious that I was using her as a foot prop.

O spent both Friday and sat nights with mom at Jenny's house. It's apparently way to lame to sleep at your own house these days. According to o at least. So I picked her up for church this morning.

They learned abt Daniel and the lions den today at Sunday school.

And drew's 4th bday party was today! No pics of o. She was too busy. But us moms had fun! I cannot imagine going through life without these girls.

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