Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly ramblings

My picture posting is getting obnoxious. I know it. But I'm not sorry for it! :)

She wanted to dress fancy for dinner Monday night at the soup place (ronin). I'd say she knocked it out of the ballpark! And she twirled all over that restaurant. That's only cute for such a short time in a girls life so I just let her do it!


And by noon on Tuesday we were here. SOOO glad mom was here when it happened. I cleaned o while she cleaned the mess. I definitely had the easier job. Not sure I could have cleaned that. We nearly made it 4 years with no throw up (with me; she got sick with her dad once.)

By 5:45 we were starting to perk up so we headed out for our previously planned handprint for legacy park. (Disclaimer: I checked with those in charge before going and we went late to avoid exposing other kids just in case it was a virus.) Cannot thank gg and pops enough for this surprise bc it just wasn't in my budget this month!!

And bc of the sickies earlier in the day she'd already had a bath. We just needed to wash her hair. Why don't I do this more often?!? So easy!

And for the moment I've been waiting on since September. She got her very first recital costume tonight. Words escape me. I'm sure ill feel the same way at her college graduation. :)

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