Sunday, May 26, 2013

Water slides and weddings.

I got o a slip and slide last weekend. She loves it! She goes down it backwards but it doesn't bother her at all!

Last night brad anders got married. Almost like watching a family member get married. It was great seeing sarah and her boys and I'm so happy for brad and Ashleigh. Olivia had a blast! First she's like her mama and loves a good wedding. She sits so quietly and watches the whole thing. Secondly, she's a party animal. Drinks (lemonade), dinner, dancing, bouquet catching. She was in her element. At the end she asked if they were getting in a carriage. She really thinks brides are princesses. I'll never tell her differently. On the way home she said, and I quote, "mama that was a fun party but Ashleigh forgot to open her presents. Can we go to more weddings?" Yes, honey, we sure can!

She was stuck to pops like glue. I'm fairly certain he slept WELL afterwards!

Wish this would have turned out. She was grinning ear to ear.

For the record, it's NOT funny to tell a 32 year old woman to go try to catch it. Trust me. :) but watching a 4 year old do it for the first time is kinda funny!

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