Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 months!

i can't believe olivia is 8 weeks old today! time has flown by. yesterday we went to the doctor for her 2 month checkup. here are her stats:

10 lbs; 2 oz
22 inches long
15 inch head circumference

she is between the 10 and 25th percentile in all catagories. dr. khanfar was "very pleased" with her growth! here is a picture of her yesterday before we left for the doctor. she's wearing one of my favorite outfits! it's a seersucker bubble i got for 50% off and then shelley monogrammed it for me!
and to celebrate her actual bday (today) we went to walmart. yes, i took my 8 week old to hell. hopefully i can instill in her my hatred for that place! but, i must say that going in the middle of the day is WAY better than going after work. the check out lines weren't terrible today! i'm going to really enjoy this parttime work so i can go to walmart without wanting to kill someone. (for anyone reading that enjoys walmart please tell me your secret.) anyway...enough is our baby girl at 2 months!notice the popped collar - she's sooo cool!
tomorrow we go for shots. wish us luck...


  1. She is adorable! Love the bedding too!

  2. Hi Jessie! Thank you for your sweet note on our blog. I've heard alot about you, and I'm glad to get to know you this way! Olivia is precious!

    We've been trying the babywise technique's it going for you guys?? Anniston's been doing ok. It was really hard to hear her cry at first (and we couldn't let it go long at all, ha), but she has been going to sleep much faster now! Of course she's not perfect, but it's been MUCH better. I hope it's working well for you.

    We'll be in town the end of August...maybe Anniston and I can meet you and Emery with your lil ones for a play date! Hope you have a great weekend!