Sunday, July 5, 2009

fun long weekend!

happy fourth! rett had friday off so we enjoyed lounging around with him! we rarely get to do that these days so it was super nice. friday night we took olivia out into the street to watch temple's fireworks show. they do this every year and we're blessed to live just right down the street! we just stand in the road and watch! i think i've done this since we bought our house - 4 years ago! i guess next year we'll need to meet up with friends so she can get the full experience. here is the only pic we took. please excuse the extremely shiney, no makeup face.... hey, it was a day off so i didn't feel the need for makeup and it was HOT and HUMID outside so the "shine" was in full effect! does anyone have any tricks for reducing dark circles??? i've tried so many creams, etc. and i can't find anything that works! can you see the new haircut (with bangs!) in the photo???
yesterday we went over the mer and montana's for some oh so good ribs! rett and montana spent the afternoon slaving over the smoker and it was worth it! these ribs were awesome. i took over slaw and baked beans and montana make "cheater peach cobbler". it's ok if you cheat, as long as it's still good! here is the only pic of olivia i took on her first july 4th. it's sad. one day i'll regret not taking more... at least i dressed her in a festive onsie!
today rett and i lounged around watching movies. now we're on gran torino. i saw it in the movie theater but he never did. i'm having a hard time holding in what happens!

we decided that next week olivia will get to go to church, well, the church nursery! she'll be just shy of 8 weeks and the next week she'll start regular daycare so it should be no big deal! i'm excited to get to go back to sunday school and church! i've only been once in the past 7 weeks. sad, i know. we've got to get back into a routine before i go back to work so next sunday is the day!
a friend of jenny's dabbles in photography on the side (she's a nurse full time) and she came over on friday and took pics of olivia. from what i saw they turned out SUPER cute! can't wait for her to get them on her website so we can see and buy them!

i guess that's all for now... as soon as emery updates her blog with pics of hudson then i'll share the ones i took when i went to visit them this past wednesday! she has to be the first one to share pics though. no stealing of thunder around here!
i know this has been really random. i'm sorry! i'll try to do better in the future!


  1. ok! I get it!! Thanks for calling me out! Just kidding. I need to get on it! Eric is on me, too, to update!

  2. Don't feel bad about not making it to church. We didn't go until Bennett was 10 weeks old! I'm proud of y'all for going back this early!