Monday, July 20, 2009

daycare, it's not so bad.

today was the day. olivia went to daycare. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't sad. i teared up a little bit as i was strapping her in her carseat. my only saving grace...rett took her. i didn't have to go through the whole "dropping off" phase. i just got to look forward to picking her up! i got there about 3:20 this afternoon and i swear she smiled! it was not a "gassy" smile. she was sooo happy to see me! miss chelsea said it had gone well. but, she didn't get there until 2. so, i'm going to have rett ask the morning lady how it went. here is our little girl and her daddy leaving this morning...and, look who's now sitting in a bumbo!we really started using the bumbo this weekend. she likes it! i realize the child is suppose to be about 3 months old before using this but she can hold her head really well so we're using it!

and, we are now bathing regularly in the big bathtub. it really is easier (except on my back) and she likes it better. i think she likes being in the water b/c it's warmer. in the baby bathtub she couldn't actually be in the water so i think she got cold...
i think daycare wore her out! she's passed out beside me now. it was great going back and actually using my brain today but i'm soo glad it's only 5 hours a day!


  1. I dont think that picture constitutes holding her head really well!

  2. Oh my gosh. That baby is beautiful! I was KD too! Did you already know that? I am glad you introduced yourself at MoJoy. I always wonder who is reading! Also, make your husband sign up for TEAMJAKE. He will be glad he did! Go to More info on that coming on my blog! Seriously, I don't think he will regret it! ANd you can come cheer him on with me! Mo

  3. oh she is beautiful! :_ ANd I love the name Olivia.. that's our girl name pick when we have a girl!

    .. like your music playing in the background too..

  4. I'm glad Olivia is liking daycare and that she is doing so well with babywise! We are loving it too!! Anniston has been sleeping about 5 to 6 hours the last four nights, so we are very grateful to skip one feeding so far!

    Olivia is so cute in her Bumbo...I can't wait to try Anniston out in hers soon! And, we have the same foam bath pad thingie (not sure what it's called, ha), and it works so perfect with the way we have to give Anniston her baths right now...hopefully soon we'll be giving her a big girl bath like Olivia!