Tuesday, July 7, 2009

welcome baby hudson!

as promised, here are my pics from visiting emery (i just tried to link for the first time, did it work???), eric & baby hudson at the hospital last week! i'm so glad they're home so i can go visit more!ok, on to real business.... rett and i are going out of town for the weekend to a hamby family gathering. it's not a reunion, just a gathering of the immediate family of rett's dad. his brother, sister, their kids and grandkids. this is the group we usually to Christmas with but due to kids and hectic schedules during the holidays they decided to do it in the summer instead of Christmas. summer. in. jackson. mississippi. it's only going to be 115 degrees. so, how do you pack for an infant for a 3 day trip. actually, it's only really 2 days. we're leaving late thursday afternoon and will be back saturday early evening. on friday we're going to drive up to ackerman to visit rett's grandmother so she can meet her great granddaughter. back to packing - i have no idea where to start. seriously, how many diapers do i need? should i just take the whole box? how many gowns and outfits? sometimes we go through 3 or 4 a day and sometimes we make it with just 1. all of the bath supplies. diaper ointments. pack-n-play. stroller. bottles. formula. nursery water. geez, my jeep isn't big enough for all of this! is it normal to stress out about this??? the only good thing - at least we're going to jackson and not the middle of nowhere. there are targets and walmarts all over the place! now, i just need to go get my car cleaned out so we have somewhere to put all of this stuff!

one more random question - what happens if you don't pay a parking ticket? i got one weeks ago in downtown ruston and forgot to pay it. will they put out a warrent for my arrest? how long do i have to pay it? has this ever happened to anyone else?

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