Saturday, July 11, 2009

mississippi in july

well, we made it! our first out of town trip with olivia. and, i must say, it wasn't the nightmare i thought it was going to be! i guess b/c she's still so young and doesn't care about her surroundings it really is pretty easy to travel with her. we headed out of town after making an all important stop for road trip food...a peach icee in 100 degree weather hits the spot!

we stayed thursday night in jackson at rett's dad's house. had a lovely dinner and called it a night. got up friday and headed 2 hours north (or east, i'm not too sure) to ackerman. rett's maternal grandmother will be 98 in october. we were so happy she got to meet her great granddaughter. olivia is her 5th great grandchild! she literally held her the entire time we were there, except for 2 feedings and 2 diaper changes - and we were there for just over 5 hours!
friday night we let granddaddy and nan babysit and we went out to dinner. when in jackson you must go eat at kiefer's. we go there almost every time we're in town! it's this little hole in the wall greek place right off state street. we had hummus and gyros and cottage fries. yum! it's nice to be an adult sometimes! i'm sad i didn't get any pics of that. then a quick trip to borders books so i could get the baby wise book - got to get olivia on a schedule :) and then to dairy queen. let me tell you...a week or so ago i saw a commercial for dq. they have partnered with the girl scouts of america and are now serving a tagalong blizzard. HEAVEN. what could be better than soft serve ice cream and girl scout cookies?!?!

this morning we went to the hamby family gathering. it was great getting to see everyone on that side of the family! here are a couple of pics we took at granddaddy and nan's house before we left for the gathering!
in other exciting news... olivia had her first bath in a "big" bathtub while we were gone! have a great rest of the weekend!

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