Sunday, July 12, 2009

olivia goes to church!

well, the nursery! today was olivia's first time to the church nursery. the super nice ladies said she did really well. she was kind of fussy (not like her at all) but they took care of it! when we went to pick her up she was in the swing loving it. they never had to page us so that's a good sign. here are a few pics of her all dressed up for her big day. i'm sad i didn't get any pics of her actually in the nursery but maybe another time.on a sad note - we started the "baby wise" technique tonight. as i type this i'm listening to my baby girl SCREAM. it's so sad! but, from all accounts she'll do this for a few nights and then things will run smoothly. that's what i'm hoping! we've got to get her on a schedule before i go back to work (on the 20th) so this is the week. wish me luck. if anyone reading this has any suggestions please let me know!

UPDATE - it's now 10:57 and olivia is asleep! it only took about 35-40 minutes of crying. now, let's see how long she stays asleep!

UPDATE 2 - 11:01 and she's not asleep. she was just joking. how long can this go on???

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