Monday, May 17, 2010

12 month checkup

i took olivia to her 12 month check-up today. this was our first "well baby" visit since she was 4 months old! both 6 and 9 month visits were sick visits. :( i was SO excited to actually get some stats! here goes...
*21 lbs even. 50th %
*29 inches long. 50th %
*17.5 inch head circumfrence. 20th %
so she has a little head. it's still cute!

i learned a few things.
*she only needs 16 to 24 oz of milk so i can stop stressing that she rarely takes her bedtime bottle.
*her sleeping so much is at the "upper end" for babies but nothing to worry about. this is a new development, by the way. i know i used to complain that she NEVER napped. now i'm worried that she's sleeping to much. go figure.
*she's not suppose to have nuts, popcorn or hotdogs. whoops. she's had all 3. i just played it off like, ok, i won't give her those. i felt bad.
*doc isn't worried that she has no teeth. i'm not either. i just want to get the teething over with. i'm scared of it!
*he asked me if she was walking and i got to proudly exclaim that she took her first steps on her birthday! we're up to 5 steps in a row as of tonight!!!!

so, she got a glowing review. she's so precious...and healthy!

i didn't take any pics today and i'm sad about that b/c her outfit was super cute. i'll try to do better! here's a great pic from her party.
o with her gg and pops

and this is from her bday birthday shoot. it's my fav.


  1. Such sweet pictures!! Thanks for the help with the chair...they ordered it yesterday, ha!

  2. I read way too many blog too! But it's so fun.